Villa, Headsman of Caer Loch, sculpted by Joaquin Palacios. Villa, son of the clan's executioner, received a harsh upbringing. His mother was lost at birth, and every since Villa was blamed for her death by his father, and he constantly was reminded of this by being on the wrong end of his father's whip. Villa was appointed the clan's new headsman at the age of sixteen after his father was a casualty at the battle of Groenward. Villa, too, was a part of that particular battle, where he single-handedly defended the important landmark of the Umpire Boulder and held it for well over an hour, allowing for reinforcement to arrive. Reports have it that Villa was at their arrival covered in blood and surrounded by more than two-dozen bodies of their fallen enemies.


These four figures will be a part of an upcoming Kickstarter project, which will see a launch before the end of this year. With enogh support the project could hopefully continue to expand and develop. I hope to aim at around late September or early October, but nothing is yet set in stone.

This is one faction of totally three factions that will be the funding goal for the Kickstarter. So another eight miniatures on top of these four will be included. I will hopefully be able to show another figure the coming few weeks or so, so stay tuned. :)


Shinten of the Tetsu Clan, sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos.

In time of strife, every clan needs a coldblooded killer. For the Tetsu Clan, this is Shinten. He is the prefered assassin of the clan, having the reputation to never miss a target. He is often used to infiltrate the enemy where he has got the task to eliminate the leaders when needed. But alas, the missions issued to Shinten has taken a toll on him and has made him emotionally numb. He does not care anymore who falls by his hands, but take pleasure in ending the life of anyone who steps in front of him. One such particular unfortunate event resulted in him killing a clan member with the now slain member's own weapon. These weapons, his pair of sais, are now his prefered weapons of choice to the dismay of his own clan.


"Yomi" of the Tetsu Clan, sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos. Yomi, in his youth, was a troublesome boy; one who did not eagerly listen to his elders and conformity. Instead, he often walked his own path, much to the disappointment of his father who tried to teach him the noble ways of their clan. His father was slain trying to protect him, after Yomi taunted a band of outlaw bandits. The bandits gravely wounded Yomi, telling him that smart-mouthed boys do not have a place in this world, and left him for dead. Fortunately, his clan found him and managed to save his life. After several months, Yomi was finally back up on his feets, only to learn that his face had been badly scarred in the encounter with the bandits. Filled with lust for revenge, Yomi hooded his deformed face and left the clan to search for the bandits. For years he walked the lands, earning his living as a mercenary in his hunt for the men who killed his father and scarred him for life. As he learnt of the uprising, he decided to return home to stand with his clan to honour his father.


Kára, Skjaldmaer of the Birch House, sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, is the fifth member of the Nomads. In the culture of the Nomads, shieldmaidens are highly valued warriors, and are in battle commonly found in the first line of warriors. They are trained from early age to master the art of spearing and most even surpass the skills of their battle-brothers. If a shieldmaiden falls in battle, it is not uncommon that it sends the battle-brothers into a frenzy as it is believed that she will guide the fallen into the great halls of their ancestors. Kára, too, believes this, and she will fearlessly launch herself at her enemies in a furious storm of attacks.


"Fukashi", sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, is another addition to the Tetsu Clan. Not much is known about Fukashi as he mostly keeps to himself and rarely speaks. He is not a native to the clan, but hails from an ancient mountain-monastery of warrior-monks. Fukashi is shrouded in mystery, but is a competent warrior on the field of battle where he uses his wooden armour to merge with his surroundings and only to attack his foes when they least so expect.



"Draque", sculpted by Joaquin Palacios, is the latest character shown for the clansmen of the Caer Loch. I hope you enjoy. :)


"Taro no Ken" is the latest character sculpted and he is affiliated to the Tetsu Clan faction. He has been sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, and this is the first character sculpted by him for this project. I've got to say that he is most welcome to join the already extremely talented line-up of sculptors that have been sculpting characters. :) I hope you agree. :)


"Schabrak", another miniature sculpted by Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud, is another member of the same faction as Chakuda, who was presented in an earlier post. Thusly, the project is slowly progressing and with these two new members, the project features five different factions with plans for a sixth eventually.

Stay tuned for some more progress!